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Yello. I knew it was going to happen soon.

I knew it was going to happen soon. I snapped. I snapped. It started with him useing the word that annoy the piss out of me, "thin" and "whin." I freak out. Oh I feel better. I was wrong, I don't feel bad at all...not at all. I feel pretty damn good. I feel great. Maybe I am a bitch. But I like it. Wel I had the conversation save dso I could post it. But then retard me copied something else while I was on my way to livejournal, and fucked it up. But it was great. I told him I NEVER EVER wanted to go bowling with him. Oh yes. And then I was being really mean and making him feel bad just like he made me feel bad every day. And I said something mean and he said "SHUT UP" PLEASE". And I said. YEAH YOU KNOW WHAT I WILL SHUT UP. I WILL STUFF UP FOR FUCKING EVER. YOU KNOW WHY CAUSE I AM BLOCKING YOU FOR EVER!!!! There is something about dumb people that I will never understand. Does that just mean I am the dumb one for not understanding? Or is it them for making meself un-understandable?
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