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Some people are just jerks. It's like natural or something. I am for really. I can be a really big jerk sometimes. But some people do it to people who don't deserve it or they just think they are to good for them. I just don't care anymore. people can do what ever they want to me I don't care anymore. Talk about me behind my back or hate me for no reason. I don't care. Really. I am giving up on everything. But things that accually matter to me.
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June 28 2001, 22:41:05 UTC 15 years ago

yeah some people are jerks megan, but look at all the people that are not. like....ME!! or dan, or someone that means something to you. you are a great person and i love you so much for you being yourself all the time and always being able to make me laugh. i think a life without you would be a horrible thing for me to deal with. dont ever let someone make you feel bad about being alive. ITS NOT YOU THAT IS THE PROBLEM, ITS THEM TAKING THEIR PROBLEMS OUT ON YOU, OR POINTING FINGERS AT THE WRONG PERSON. NO-ONE WANTS TO ADMIT THAT YES THEY TOO HAVE PROBLEMS, SO JUST KEEP TELLING YOURSELF "ITS NOT MY PROBLEM, ITS A PROBLEM TEY HAVE WITHME!"