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Ok I am in a great mood. But then again there is this kid that is "in love" with me. And he is annoying.l and he makes me really mad because he trys to make me feels bad because I don't like him, and because I wont go on a date with him. It wasn't that bad in the biggining but now I am just fed up. And he now knows that I have a boyfriend. And he got mad and put stuff in his profile thart says stuff like love suchs, if you ever find love turn and run the other way. And that makes me made. What did he think he was going to tell me he was in love with me and me to have the same feelings. Ha yeah right. I think that only sometimes happens. But even though I have a wonderful boy friend who I care for more and more every day this dumb little kid still talks about this stuff.... like "So when are we going bowling" or something. And I can't just say NEVER!! So I am like I don't know. But it really pisses me off. And I am the reason he is in like some odd depression. And I can;t do anything about it. Ok you know what It is not my fault I have no feeling for he what so ever. It isn't. It's just the way things are "You can't control that"-(maya said that once). But I just can't this kid anymore. I am going to snap one day and feel really bad, but in some sense it is going to feel really damn good. But OK I got to go. I just need to talk to some one about that. So I talked to my computer screen. byeya.
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